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A caravan is a group of people, especially traders or pilgrims, travelling together in a vehicle or with camels from one place to another.


Often the intention is to cross long distances in a desert. Most caravans can be found in Asia or North Africa.


Sometimes the caravan travels through hostile regions, staying together when travelling helps protect each other from unknown surprises.


The rooftop tent caravan is a collaboration between Dutch Adventure Tours, Femkes rooftop tents and Three equally passionate partners with their own expertise. Our paths cross on a regular basis and together we share the same passion. Our passion: inviting everybody to join us on top, enjoy the outdoors and all the adventures to come.

Monique, Felica, Femke, Tim, Mark and Raymond have put their hands together and created the caravan, the Rooftop tent caravan.


Our definition of this caravan is:


"Travelling together, from one beautiful spot to another, with your own car and a rooftop tent. Sometimes a short trip and the next trip slightly longer. But, the main purpose of this trip, sharing our experiences together over and over again. Whether this is a nice experience along the way or a rooftop tent related experience, all of them are more than welcome and worth sharing".





Most likely you already have a rooftop tent full of experiences, but still, how much fun would it be to create a caravan together. We have found some great routes to travel from A to B, via C. Every day a new route, wrapping up the day at a new location. Ready to share your stories over dinner at night.


We think this can only be achieved by following the same route, at your own pace along narrow and winding roads. A quick stop now and then to enjoy the view or for a bite to eat.


Early in the morning, after breakfast, we pack our gear, close the tent of off we go again. Ready to explore the next location, new adventures lie ahead!

 "With the rooftop tent caravan you experience what the tent is ment to be for"



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